3 Days Event for Women Only: Motorcycle Courses, Airplanes, Mechanics, Talk shows, Activities and Test Rides.

WMBootcamp is a Women Power Event happening on the weekend of Women's day in Montagnana (Padua) Italy, in the unique scenery of the Avioclub and the Motocross Track in Montagnana

A Special Mix of: Motors, Motorcycles, Mechanics and Aircraft enthusiasts.

The first event in the world that combines fun with the teaching of motorcycle and Aerial disciplines.

All activities and courses are for both beginners and experienced riders, the WMB focuses on Safety and learning.

In collaboration with the Aeroclub Montagnana & With MX Track Montagnana, at the WMB you have the opportunity to fly a plane, experience an acrobatic flight, Do flattrack an many other Offroad sports.

A girl's only opportunity to try and do everything you've always wanted to do, your chance to start riding the bike, try Enduro, change a Motorbike Tyre, Flattrack or Fly an airplane.

The WMB was born from an Idea of Domitilla Quadrelli and is organized by the Officine Vivaldi team.

The last WMB was on september 4-5-6th 2020 in Montagnana (PADOVA) North East Italy

The Registration to the WMBootcamp includes all days of event and most activities, check on the website for updates and details. Tickets are limited, Currently working hard for 2021 :)

Registration to WMB Includes:

  • Motorcycle Starting Course by Donne in Moto

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Course by Scuola Moto Milano

  • Motorcycle Test Ride: Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bmw Motorrad, Tom Tom, Honda

  • Car tyre change course by Volkswagen Italia

  • Welding course by Berner

  • Theoretical Moto-Rally course by Rebel X Sports

  • Talks with guests pilots of motorcycles and planes

  • Motorbike Lifting (how to lift the bike off the ground)

  • Yoga

  • Red Bull all day

  • Photo Contest

Registration does not Include:

  • Flattrack course by Di Traverso School 2h x 40 euro (30 euro deposit - 10 pay on site) (Motorcycle + instructor + Gas)

  • Flight by plane (30 euros = 10 euros deposit, 20 euros to pay)

  • Aerobatic flight (50 euros = 10 euros deposit, 40 euros pay later)

  • Hot air balloon ride (10 euros = 5 euros deposit, 5 euros to be paid locally) - SATURDAY ONLY

  • Leather Stamping & Painting by Elisa Vivaldi Art

  • Tattoo Corner (some Designs will be offered by the WMB) - SATURDAY and Sunday ONLY

  • Photo Lottery

  • Shopping Corner by Valeri 84 Riders District

  • Skeet shooting by Ponso clay pigeon shooting (20 euros)

  • Side by Side with Rally driver (€ to defined.)

Enduro Schools:


Enduro course by Enduro Republic 2h x 120 euro (motorcycle + instructor + clothing + protections + petrol)

Enduro course by Lady Enduro Project 2h x 60 euro Only for those who already have a good knowledge of enduro and Offroad driving. (Motorcycle + instructor + clothing + protections + petrol)

Registration to the WMBootcamp Includes entry to the event all 3 days of event. Friday Saturday Sunday.

Let's Keep in Touch!
Women Motor Bootcamp 2020
Sep 04, 2020, 10:00 AM – Sep 06, 2020, 6:00 PM
Airfield / Motocross Montagnana,
Via Rotta Vecchia, 8, 35044 Montagnana PD, Italia

Currently working Hard for 2021 Edition :)

No upcoming events at the moment

WMBootcamp Blog & News


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We Believe


"One thing is to empower the women,

Another thing is to change the men’s opinion too."


Caterina Manzini-

Pilota Acrobatica


C'era una volta una piccola bambina che sognava di percorrere pochi metri con una moto.. oggi 8 Marzo 2019, dopo tanto tempo ho praticato : moto, aereo, paracadutismo, drifting, saldatura...di tutto e di più.
Grazie WMB per aver realizzato il sogno di quella bambina!


Quando ci si mettono le Donne sanno fare cose Fantastiche, sanno fare scelte Difficili, sanno gettare via le Paure.

Quando ci si mettono le Donne sanno organizzare un evento coinvolgente come quello dove tutte, ma proprio tutte, trovano la loro dimensione e scoppiano sorrisi da festa di compleanno con la torta al cioccolato.

Grazie, Auguri... Arrivederci!


Grazie a voi ho potuto trovare la motivazione a provare finalmente le 2 ruote e vincere le paure che mi hanno sempre "buttato addosso".

Dopo questa "INIZIAZIONE" mi sento carica per una nuova partenza in questa avventura al femminile!


Hey Guys!
When Domi sent me a txt in IG, I had doubts about it even fo a see. 
It was the best decision!

Those girls made everythink to make us felt home. Fell like we belong here and welcome. I honestly have no words to describe how much it means to me, to us. It's just something else. Thank you so much. I will always support you guys. Please keep going, world needs someone like you guys!