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WMB Logo Tshirt

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Confidence is your best outfit. The WMB logo Shirt is for sure something you will get notice for.

Perfect for wearing with your favorite jeans and Leather Jacket, the WMB Logo shirt is a fun but stylish print on a modern shaped shirt. This Print is exclusively made for the Women Motor Bootcamp and it's a limited edition Tshirt. The WMBootcamp shirt has unique shape, the fitting is relaxed and confident, like a woman who ride.

This simple but playful shirt is flattering and fun. Available for purchase only trough the Official Website.

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: White
Print: Solid
Fit: Relaxed

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Badass designs from WMBootcamp
Printed by Exagon66

Our products will arrive at your home packaged in
bags created from sustainable plants and non-toxic resin .

Let's protect our planet together. 

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