Officine Vivaldi, with decades of experience in organizing events, immediately believed in the power of the Women Motor Bootcamp in fact it is its main organizer. Officine Vivaldi vehicles are a fundamental part of the event and are responsible for making the atmosphere of the WMB truly unique.

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Tom Tom Europa, who believed in us from the beginning
from this year he is Main Sponsor of the Women Motor Bootcamp 2020. Thanks to the collaboration with Tom Tom we have made the Tom Tom Rider 550 try, but above all, thanks to the Tom Tom Road Trips platform, we have brought you to a new way of planning your do you travel.


Red Wing Europa, an American company that produces shoes since 1905 is an annual partner of Officine Vivaldi. Red Wing supports the Women Motor Bootcamp and all women who have unusual passions and who are involved in a style that is not obvious. Their excellent quality footwear went through the two great wars, establishing itself today on the international fashion scene, as a timeless must.


Sena Italia, for the second year, supports the Women Motor Bootcamp. Thanks to the collaboration together, Sena has given you the opportunity to stay connected and keep control during the various Test Ride.


Volkswagen Group Italy, supports the Women Motor Bootcamp with a fleet of 4 vehicles for all the logistical management of you girls who come from afar. Volkswagen also invests in security and information because together with the WMB it sponsors the car tire change course.

Mips, a Swedish company that designs protection systems to be inserted inside helmets. Thanks to their support we will be able to assure all participants an experience in total safety.


Deus Ex Machina is much more than a brand: it is a culture. We are very happy to be the first Deus Ex Machina sponsored event. The Deus philosophy recalls an era even before the various hobbies - motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding - became commercial and inflated. They are all welcome under the Deus roof, where there is simply respect for the honesty and appreciation of the machine.

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Sponsored and dedicated Videos Produced by WMBootcamp: