WMBootcamp Activities

Registration to WMB Includes:

Motorcycle Starting Course by Donne in Moto

Motorcycle Mechanics Course by Scuola Moto Milano

Motorcycle Test Ride

Sports photography course

4 Self guided tour 

Car tyre change course by Volkswagen Italia

Welding course by Berner Italia

Theoretical Moto-Rally course by Rebel X Sports

Talks with guests pilots of motorcycles and planes

Leather stamping and painting

Motorbike Lifting (how to lift the bike off the ground)

Red Bull all day

Flight museum guided tour of flights and helicopter of Aviosuperficie

Photo Contest with 35 products to win

Free camping with own tent. 

Extra Activity not included: 

New activity 2021:

Drive course with SSV on the track

125 euros (Side by Side + protections + instructor + gas)

First Aid Course with Croce Rossa 

(price to be confirmed, it will be given as a donation)

Tour and Test ride with electric motorbikes (price to be confirmed, 1.30h)

Revisited activity 2021:

Flattrack course 2h (Motorcycle + instructor + Gas) Time: 1.30h Costs: 65€

Skeet shooting by tiro al volo Ponso (30 euros)

Flight by plane 15/20 mins: 50 euros

Reconfirmed activity 2021:

Aerobatic flight (80 euros)

Yoga and Acroyoga (mat + instructor) 10€

Hot air balloon ride 10€

Tattoo Corner by Ink Addiction (WMB logo will be for free, all other tattoos will cost from 50€ to more, that will be given as donation to the association Non una di meno)

Shopping Corner by Deus ex Machina, Exagon 66, Valeri 84 Riders District

WMBootcamp spirit

The WMBootcamp is a unique event of its kind. "Bootcamp" in English means "training camp" at our event women can learn and discover new Motor disciplines and sports.

An unprecedented and feminine weekend in which Girls can try, experiment and share with other women their passions, their doubts, their weaknesses and their knowledge in the motorcycle, motor and aeronautical field. The spirit of the WMB is to bring more and more women to try new things, to overcome their limitations, destroy barriers and prejudices.

A time that is only for us women, to be able to find ourselves, get to know other interesting stories and learn new things without the fear of being judged.  A temporary village created only for the event inside the Boscomantico Airport, to which only WMBootcamp women have access without any male influence or stress from the outside world.

The first edition took place in 2019 at the Boscomantico Verona Airport. 556 women registered for 3 days camp in march the WMBootcamp and took part in 13 activities and courses.

The WMBootcamp focuses on safety and learning new disciplines while having fun.

All courses are held with certified instructors and professional schools.

The WMBootcamp is an event organized by Officine Vivaldi for the promotion of women.


From an idea of ​​Domitilla Quadrelli with the support of Officine Vivaldi, the WMB gave birth to a real American-style bootcamp, an event where beginners and experts can learn and practice sports. We are also the first motorcycle event in Italy that involves girls without motorcycle license and above all to involve them in activities that go beyond the simple sit on the bike or take a test ride. All courses and activities are an original content that the girls can take home as an unforgettable experience, more knowledge of the bike and the entire world of two wheels, engines and airplanes.

Next WMBootcamp will be held in Montagnana on September 10.11.12th september 2021

for more infomations register on the home page to secure your attendance

WMBootcamp MAP



WMBootcamp Fly Village

WMBootcamp 2021
10 Sep, 10:00 – 12 Sep, 18:00
Via Rotta Vecchia, 8, 35044 Montagnana PD, Italy

WMBootcamp Offroad Village


  • "I am a man, I would like to participate, can I ?!

NO. The WMBootcamp is a place and an event dedicated only to women. We work a whole year on this event because it is a special and unforgettable moment for all the participants, because they can feel at ease without being judged, because they can try the bikes and other disciplines without being observed from outside. We thank you for understanding our policy and we invite you to involve the women in your life and take them to WMB, maybe while you are in town shopping and they are on the track to tire :)

  • What is the difference between Early Bird and BASIC Ticket?

EARLY BIRD: The Early Bird is a special promotion ticket activated by the organizer of the event, limited in terms of time and number, for the very first customers who purchase pre-sales for an event, a concert or an event. (maximum 200 tickets)

STANDARD: Once the Early Birds are over, then the first 200 tickets, the same ticket goes from 49 Euros to 59 Euros while seats last.

  • Can I enter 3 days with a ticket?

Exact! With an entrance you can enter all three days of the event and do all the activities listed as INCLUDED for 1 time. es. welding course x 1 time per head.

We want you all to live the experience fully and that you can take all the courses you want. Imagine the WMBootcamp a bit like an Amusement Park. The moment you enter you know that you will not be able to get on all the rides and you have to choose which ones to do first based on what you like best. Don't get mad if you can't do it all! there are more than 20 different courses and activities .. there will be other opportunities to do courses that are already full or just started. We are sure that you will find and that you will do many activities that you would never have imagined doing except at WMB.

  • Can I participate even without a motorcycle license? What if I have a pink sheet? What motorcycle activities can I do?

Of course yes! the WMBootcamp is open to both beginners and expert motorcyclists. If you do not have a license but would like to do it, there will be Women in Motorbike to take care of you and teach you how to put the first one in safety in the paved square of the WMB. If you don't have a license but you know how gears, brakes etc work you can take the Enduro course, the Flattrack course or just do the Enduro test in the children's pistino. If you have the pink sheet you can do the driving test with Women On motorbikes and all the other STATIC courses or the off-road courses such as Enduro or Flattrack, the only motorbike activity that you CANNOT do is the TEST RIDE of the motorcycle manufacturers that unfortunately they are not authorized to drive with the pink sheet.


In summary, where you need a motorcycle license:

Motorcycle starting: OK without a license

Try Enduro: OK without a license, better if you can use the gears

Enduro course on the track: OK without a license, you MUST know how to use gears, brakes etc. for your safety !!!

Flattrack course: OK without a license, better if you can use the gears

Motorcycle Ride Test: NO, only with license, NO with pink sheet.

  • I would like to come to WMBootcamp but I would come alone ..

Even better!!! Coming to WMBootcamp alone you have the opportunity to meet even more girls with the same passion for engines, planes and sports just like you! Don't be intimidated by Kilometers, adrenaline sports or height .. If you can drive a car, why shouldn't you be able to drive a motorcycle ?! The WMB is the ideal opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try to do things you never imagined you could do. An injection of self-esteem and many girls who already ride motorcycles, compete in enduro, fly airplanes, are the perfect inspiration to give you the charge and start a new sport too.

"Everything you want .. is right on the other side of your fears."

  • I am a minor, can I participate?

Yes, you can participate, the ideal is that you are accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian.

you can do most of the activities but NOT all of them for insurance reasons. With the right partners we should also be able to offer an enduro course for children and teenagers. Do not get angry with us for this decision and for having to limit the activities you can do, it is an event with many activities and actors involved and being still a small event we do not have the strength to manage even the presence of minors.

  • Is the ticket refundable?

Yes, people that have booked before Corona Virus will be refounded 100%.

  • Can I also buy the ticket on Event Days?

Unfortunately NO. The event is limited and it will NOT be possible to register on site.

  • Will there be Parking at the event? can I come by camper?

Si, c'è un'ampia zona Parcheggio sia al Fly Village che all'Offroad Village. Il Camper potrà stare nella zona Offroad Village insieme a parte dell'organizzazione.

  • Will there be dinners or evening activities? 

Yes, there will be two dinners, one on Friday and on Saturday both dinners will be held in Montagnana. The times of the WMBootcamp are from 9.00 to 18.00 approximately. you will have time to go to the hotel, change and go out for dinner, or wait on the track with us for the start of dinner. There will be vegetarian and gluten free options.

  • I am a man, can i come wearing a wig?

Unfortunately we will not be able to let you in but you will surely be photographed at the entrance with your woman's wig. :)

Be patient if you see other men inside the Bootcamp, they are all people from the Aeroclub, the organization, Motocross track staff, motorcycle instructors, media, photographers or sponsors. If you really want to be there and to participate you can do it ONLY working hard and on our terms :) if you are so reckless write us an email at info@wmbootcamp.com

  • How do i book my Glamping tend?

Cool! You will love the Glamping set up. The Tend options are two, different in prices and setting. The Deluxe Bell Tend is more luxurious and Comfy, also a little more expensive. The price you see on the booking process refers to one bed inside the tend, if you prefer to have your own tend, you must book paying for 4 people on the Bell Deluxe tend and for 2 people on the Tipi Adv tend. You can find all details of what is included and what is not on the page Hotel and Bookings.

  • Can I Bring Animals to the WMB?

That might not be a good idea unless you can keep always an eye on him, the area is huge, there are a lot of people and engines running. check with the staff based on your kind of animal.

  • Can I sponsor the event? take pictures for commercial purposes? to distribute flyers or gadgets to WMB?

Fantastic! get in touch with the team to receive all information on sponsorships and partnerships. All requests are validated and must be accepted before producing photos / videos for business purposes or promoting the participation of companies or brands in the WMB. Email us at info@wmbootcamp.com

  • What should I bring to WMB? how should i prepare?

We wrote that WMB is a training camp but it's not Vietnam girls :)

We will send you a check list with all the recommended items a few weeks before the event.

Surely if you want to drive on the road or offroad and you already have your clothing it is better to bring it. If you have food restrictions, bring a snack. More or less for the rest .. We got you covered;)

  • What should I bring to WMB? how should i prepare?

We wrote that WMB is a training camp but it's not Vietnam girls :)

We will send you a check list with all the recommended items a few weeks before the event.

Surely if you want to drive on the road or offroad and you already have your clothing it is better to bring it. If you have food restrictions, bring a snack. More or less for the rest .. We got you covered;)


WMB is a new format, we try to do our best but surely there will always be room for improvement. WMBootcamp is conceived as a training camp for women who want to test themselves and learn new things. Motor sports are dangerous sports, we do our best to make them as safe as possible and to make your driving on the road and offroad safer after the experience at the WMB. Despite our best efforts, we still CAN'T work miracles so ... Motorsport is a dangerous sport, BE SAFE.

the WMB is a safe space, in which you will not be judged and dedicated only and exclusively to all the people who identify themselves as women. We are an LGBTQ friendly event. We do not accept any type of homophobic comment, transphobia, homophobia and sexism of any kind.

Meet the team

Let's Keep in Touch! ps. We only write you once a month;)

You Rock! Thanks for gettin in touch, talk to you soon :)