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What is the Women Motor Bootcamp? 
This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer.
It is an event, an event which is however dedicated to women.
Three days where women can dedicate time to themselves, overcoming their fears, uncertainties and experiencing moments of pure adrenaline and fun.
However, the Women Motor Bootcamp is also solidarity, community ... it is in fact the perfect place to meet other women with their own passions and create lasting bonds.

In fact, the event was born from the passion of a woman, Domitilla Q, who decided she wanted to share her passion for motorcycles, engines and sport in general with other women.

So WMB is many things ... come and discover them with us!


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owner of officine vivaldi
co-organizer of the wmbootcamp from the 1st edition.

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The founder of the wmb
biker, journalist and photographer. founder and organizer of the wmb.

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Assistant producer
biker and assistant in the organization 
of the wmb from 2021


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